'Georgia Gives Day' features nonprofits

ALBANY, Ga. -- For most people, life without nonprofit agencies would be difficult at best, according to Karen Beavor, president and CEO of the Georgia Center for Nonprofits. To raise money and awareness for the more than 1,300 nonprofit agencies registered with the GCN, the first-ever Georgia Gives Day will be held Thursday.

"We don't think about it much," Beavor said, "but our water, the bike paths, hospitals, hospices, farmers markets, pet adoption, research centers ... so many of the things that enhance our lives are nonprofit organizations."

According to Beavor, Georgia Gives Day, modeled after the success of similar programs in Minnesota and Seattle, is designed to make it easy to give to favorite and individual causes. A simple click at www.gagivesday.org, and the donor can bring up any and all 501(c)(3) nonprofits in a designated county. Every penny of donations $5 and up go straight to the selected cause.

For now, though, Beavor says awareness is even more important than the money.

"People want to give. They just forget sometimes," she said. "Your kids are in school, you're busy with other things. This computer system makes it so easy to give and for us to get the word out. If you do it once, maybe you'll do it again."

Beth English, director of Easter Seals Southern Georgia, agrees with the simplicity of the giving system and with the future of donor contact by email.

"It's the first time we've participated in an electronic program like this," English said. "Hopefully it will the first year of many. I think the younger donors are more accustomed to computers and electronics."


dingleberry 2 years, 11 months ago

When you look at how much money non-profits spend, it is not hard to understand the non-profit concept--many of them are really "money mills". With all the salaries tied to them, one has to wonder what their "real" objectives are--doing good seems secondary with many.


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