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Luke Bryan sweeps ACAs

Leesburg's Luke Bryan wins seven Academy of Country Music Awards.

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‘Lights of Love’ ceremony celebrates 30th anniversary

Since its inception, officials say donations to “Lights of Love” have made a $1 million impact on the lives of cancer patients in the area.

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Falcons moving past ugly loss

Atlanta is ready to rebound from its dismal loss Sunday to division rival Carolina, but the good news is that this is only the second time this season the 11-2 Falcons have had to try to bounce back.

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Check out The Herald's weekly high school basketball "Prep Peek," which includes the latest girls and boys latest Fab 5 Poll, Quote of the Week, By the Numbers and the area's full schedule for this week.

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FAB 5 POLL: Monroe boys, girls still on top; Pelham girls break in

After a pair of big wins over the weekend, Monroe’s boys and girls are still No. 1 in The Herald’s Fab 5 Poll, while Pelham’s girls replace Westover.

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Rollin' the dice

Bobby Petrino, the shamed Arkansas coach with a very recent checkered past, is surprisingly given another chance at Division I football Monday when he’s hired by Western Kentucky.

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A family relationship is more than kinship

Features column

My mother’s mother passed away recently and during the time of the funeral, so many members of her side of the family gathered together. I met some first and second cousins for the first time and saw many others, including aunts and uncles, for the first time in ages.

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Meth lab remnants found

The attempted capture of a suspect resulted in the discovery of the remains of a portable methamphetamine lab in a backpack, officials say.

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County to consider greenspace purchase

Land available to Dougherty County could become part of a greenspace corridor along the Flint River.

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DCSS recommended for five-year accreditation renewal

AdvancED external review released at Monday BOE meeting.

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Educational system the root of Albany’s problems

Guest commentary

After reading the article in The Albany Herald in regards to the downtown restaurant owners looking for the city to help with their businesses, I felt like it was time to write another article.

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Posey stays true to his Lee roots


Professional athletes are quite often the target of criticism. It’s less often that you hear about the good things they do. To be sure, some get lost in the hoopla of fame and big contracts. But a special few never lose their roots.

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Obama leading U.S. down the road to ruin

In a letter to the editor, Leigh Anne Bjerregaard of Leesburg says that Obama is leading the U.S. down the road to ruin.

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Aquarium’s final chapter a long one

In a letter to the editor, Warren D. Grant of Albany says that the RiverQuarium's final chapter is a long one.

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GOP leadership dragging party down

In a letter to the editor, Allan Russell of Leesburg says that GOP leadership is dragging the party down.

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Auto operating costs higher than you think

In a letter to the editor, Walt Specht of Leesburg that says that auto operating costs are higher than you think.

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Police/Fire/EMS - Dec. 11, 2012

Albany police respond to at least 45 incidents.

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Hayes in, Black out on Library Board

Dr. Michael Laslie is named to fill an expired term on the Hospital Authority of Albany-Dougherty County.

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Authorities investigating check fraud scheme

Roughly 20 checks with the Southeastern Commercial Tire and Recapping's heading on it as an incentive to complete a survey have been recovered so far as part a suspected check fraud scheme.

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Two officially qualify for special election to fill Bulloch's seat

Bainbridge physician Dean Burke is expected to join Mike Keown and Brad Hughes in the race.

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Edwards: District attorney's office doing more with less

Dougherty County's district attorney discusses budgetary needs with the Dougherty Commission's Finance Committee.

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Squawk of the Day - Dec. 11, 2012

For more Squawks pick up a copy of today's Albany Herald.

William L. Willis

William L. Willis, 79, Sylvester, died December 10, 2012

Dora Jane Laster Rayburn

Dora Jane Laster Rayburn, 69, Dawson, died December 9, 2012

Larry Terry

Larry Terry, 54, Dawson, died December 09, 2012

Michelle Yvette Wallace

Michelle Yvette Wallace, 47, Pelham, died December 9, 2012

David Jackson Simpson, Sr.

David Jackson Simpson, Sr., Albany, died December 9, 2012

Sallie M. Waters

Sallie M. Waters, 69, Warwick, died December 6, 2012

Joe Williams

Joe Williams, 52, Albany, died December 10, 2012

Thad Hassel Davis

Thad Hassel Davis, 86, Cumming, GA, died December 10, 2012

Robyn Denise Statham

Robyn Denise Statham, 40, Albany, died December 8, 2012

John Bridges

John Bridges, Plains, died December 8, 2012

Helen Stuart askew

Helen Stuart Askew, 84, Blakely, died December 10, 2012

Grace Verline miller Brimberry

Grace Verline Miller Brimberry, 82, Leary, died December 9, 2012

Bill Givens

Bill Givens, 61, Albany, died December 6, 2012

Monica Michelle Swan

Monica Michelle Swan, 39, Albany, died December 5, 2012

Joseph C. Shirley

Joseph C. Shirley, 81, Sylvester, died December 8, 2012

Calvin Walker Schramm

Calvin Walker Schramm, 85, Edison, died December 8, 2012

Dennis Lee Thomas

Dennis Lee Thomas, 82, Leesburg, died December 10, 2012

James Goodwin

James Goodwin, 83, Atlanta, died December 8, 2012

Janet Culver Woods

Janet Culver Woods, Albany, died December 8, 2012

Kay S. Moreland

Kay S. Moreland, 61, Sylvester, died December 10, 2012

Charlott L. Moore

Charlott L. Moore, 92, Elwood, IN, died December 7, 2012

Eddie Collier

Eddie Collier, Sylvester, died December 10, 2012

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New stadium is one step closer

Framework approved for a new Atlanta stadium.

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