Aquarium’s final chapter a long one

The Final Chapter is being written and appears it will never be finished. The headlines in a past edition of The Herald threw me back into shock and to previous articles that I had written about this matter. “River Aquarium makes pitch for funds”!

No kidding! This is an albatross, a white elephant, a bottomless pit which we can never fill. What is it going to take for someone to wake up and smell the coffee?

From what I gathered, Bob Langstaff, Jon Howard and Tommie Postell have smelled the coffee and it is burnt. City Manager James Tayor wants to know is it for six weeks, six months or six years, then goes on to say, “I don’t have a clue.” There’s an oxymoron if there ever was one. There hasn’t been a clue since the inception of this ill-advised idea.

Do we need to garner a citizens’ group and sue the city to stop this insidious waste of funds? I can’t believe that Roger Marietta and Ivey Hines would knowingly make a motion to fund anything of this kind, realizing the financial struggles the city and county are having. John Leonard asks for $150,000 and that’s just for three months! Close it now and save $150,000!

I would like to know the following from the inception of this boondoggle — the total cost of construction including design, cost to operate per month, (broken down in maintenance, salary, insurance, heating and cooling, etc.), attendance (if known, the location of people visiting) and income per month. How many people do we have to supply with jobs that are running a government-owned entity that won’t support itself? The Never Ending Final Chapter.




FryarTuk 2 years, 11 months ago

I agree 100% and let's include the Civil Rights Museum. The city should also turn over Chehaw to a private community based non-profit group to run independtly. The Rivequarium actually belongs to the state of Georgia, give it to them! No more financing for housing. Cut city commissioners travel and expense accounts. Accountability and responsibility should be the new motto for the city commission. The problem with the commission is that most all of them have lived off the taxpayers in some form or fashion for significant periods of their lives. The others have been in and out of bankruptcy. We elected them. Go figure.


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