Auto operating costs higher than you think

Want your eyes opened about your driving habits? I recently took the time to look up computing the cost per mile to operate my Honda Ridgeline. It comes in at 48 cents per mile.

I have very complete records of all costs since I bought it in August 2007. Using the best formula I could find on the Internet, I inserted the numbers of actual costs. Now I take that cost, and adjust the cost per gallon of gas in my GPS program to reflect this cost per mile — 20 times 0.48 equals $9.60 per gallon. Add it to my vehicle’s profile. Now when I bring up my fuel costs, it shows just how much I am really spending on that little trip.

Just reset it each time to determine just how much you spend to drive somewhere for a bargin. The savings won’t be that good. When gas prices change, simply make a minor adjustment. I just took a 256-mile ride. That cost me roughly 123 bucks, roughly $42 in gas plus associated costs. Really an eyeopener.

Shop Local, it saves money.




LoneCycler 2 years ago

A real eye-opener but I've got that beat Walt. I bought a $5000 bicycle and have managed to put 4000 miles on it in a year. That's $1.25 per mile! And that's not even counting the Gatoraide and Clif bars I need for fuel. So it's probably more like $1.50 per mile. I need an app that will tell me how many miles I have to put on it until it costs nothing per mile, which is what I was hoping for.


waltspecht 2 years ago

Hope you stay away from the Chicken Gut Trucks while your out there. You have got to do it over five years. Mine is where it is instead of around $0.68 because the truck is paid off. So I only factor in yearly depreciation on 18,000 miles for that part. Really pretty simple when you use the intranet to help you.


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