GOP leadership dragging party down

An article in The Sunday Herald (Dec. 2) by Steve Peoples trumpets: “Romney’s loss creates GOP leadership vacuum.” I would submit that a vacuum was not created, but intensified. If you agree, it comes as no surprise to you that the Republican Party continues to make the news in the most negative of fashions. Many questions have been raised about Speaker Boehner’s skills as a leader, given the history of the GOP’s poor negotiating skills and losses over the past four years.

Since the election to his first term and now a second term, our current president and his minions have been especially skilled in leading the Republicans into agreements which have come back to haunt them, such as debt ceiling negotiations and delaying decisions on critical fiscal items, otherwise known as “kicking the can down the road.” And aren’t you fed up with that term? How about, in place of “kicking the can down the road,” we get to the truth, a phrase more specific and appropriately alarming, such as “members of Congress continue to refuse to carry out their congressional duties to protect and support the taxpaying citizens of our nation.” The phrase “kicking the can” appears to trivialize a most urgent fiscal crisis.

Now we find that “Speaker Boehner” has summarily removed four of the newer members of the House from their committee assignments. Reps. Justin Amash, Tim Huelskamp, David Shuerekert and W. Jones were removed, ostensibly for their failure to support the Republican leadership. I assume that as newly elected members of the House, you are to learn that if you want or are seeking a long-range “career,” you must quickly learn your place, which includes not bucking the old boy network or voting with conscience — at least not until you become one of the old boys. Congressional behavior is an insult to we citizens.