Obama leading U.S. down the road to ruin

As a Christian, I could not have voted for Obama for several reasons:

1) His rejection of a born-alive amendment, which would have allowed live aborted infants medical attention (Illinois, 2003, N.Y. Times);

2) His belief in the increased takings from one’s private property (your earnings) to give to others. (His campaign comment to “spread the wealth”[Marxism]);

3) His belief in covetousness. His desire to take or have what others have. (The class warfare drumbeat against the “rich,” or constant envy of what others have.)

Unfortunately, many of those defined as “rich” are just struggling small business owners who are being forced to make their workers part time (to not have to pay the Obamacare fines), to lay off people or not to hire any more! (This only hurts the middle class he claims he wants to save.) It is these people we are also concerned about, in addition to the disaster of raising taxes during a weak economy. (He and Clinton have stated the same thing in the past!)

We are going to reap what we’ve sown. “Thou shall not kill,” “Thou shall not steal” and “Thou shall not covet” have been ignored. We are a debtor nation. The borrower will be slave to the lender. Much of it is loans from China.

Shame on this nation! When the Treasury is completely empty and the checks stop coming and our credit dries up, we will fall off of a much bigger cliff than the one coming in January. We have rejected God, and only II Chronicles 7:14 can save us because the alternative is Hosea 4:6. God have mercy on us all.




Sister_Ruby 2 years, 9 months ago

Sister, you and I are Forever Friends in this matter.


ittybittyme 2 years, 9 months ago

As always, Leigh Anne, you are dead on!


RedEric 2 years, 9 months ago

Obama is leading towards a socialist paradise where everyone lives at the same level, except the elite, of course. If we go over the cliff we lose half the military, taxes go up somewhat and Obama can blame the republicans. It will be like post civil war where democrats hung republicans. Obama won't sign a piece of legislature unless it gives him power to raise the debt ceiling on his own. That will sap the power of the House of Representatives. Then he won't need to blame the republicans as they will be inconsiquential. Obama cannot lose. This started over 100 years ago, it is not some new bright idea.


Sister_Ruby 2 years, 9 months ago

Go back and read Animal Farm by George Orwell That pretty much sums up Obama's view of the future of America.


FryarTuk 2 years, 9 months ago

LEIGH ANNE BJERREGAARD he won without either of our votes. The USA will survive and we will thrive. Remember we were born out of ashes rebelling against what should have been an indomitable power, we fought a vicious, bloodletting civil war, fought and won 2 world wars, survived the great depression, fought an unnecessary Viet Nam war and are currently ending illegal wars in the mid-east. We are paying for the extravagance of an Iraqi war that was financed for payment by future generations. Obama will be a piece of cake. Extremists on both sides are sinking into oblivion and eventually we will answer the entreaty of Isaiah 1:18 " Come now, let us reason together. "


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