Lee renews alcohol licenses

LEESBURG — The Lee County Commission has voted to renew alcohol licenses for 14 applicants for 2013 — a move that brings in $30,725 in revenue for the year.

The list includes six organization which pay $3,000 in order to be able to serve beer, wine and liquor of their premises.

That list includes Lee Pub, 1561 U.S. Highway 19 South; Grand Island, 270 Grand Island Drive; Lee County Chamber of Commerce, 100-B Starkville Ave.; Chehaw Park Authority, 105 Chehaw Park Road, Chili’s Grill & Bar, 2821 Ledo Road, and El Maya Restaurant, 1561 U.S. Highway 19 South.

Riverfront BBQ, 1533 U.S. Highway 19 South, was granted a license to sell beer and wine on the premises. Thomas Social Club, 1459 U.S. Highway 32 West, did hold a beer and wine licenses, but did not submit a request for renewal.

Another 16 Lee County businesses paid $750 each for the ability to sell beer and wine for off premise consumption.

These include Chevron at 1603 Philema Road, Walmart at 2825 Ledo Road, Publix Supermarket at 1212 U.S. Highway 19 South, Chevron at 1405 U.S. Highway 82 West, Homerun Foods No. 4 at 1595 U.S. Highway 19 South, Doublegate EZ mart at 1250-A U.S. Highway 82 West, Highway 19 Citgo at 863 U.S. Highway 19 South, Express Lane at 1505 Philema Road, Flash Foods at 1584-E on U.S. Highway 19 South, Winn Dixie at 1553 U.S.Highway 19 South, Shop Rite (Shell) at 1572 U.S. Highway 19 South, Peachtree at 1295 U.S. Highway 82 West, Mike’s Country Store at 1628 Philema Road, BP Foodmart at 1420U.S. Highway 19 South, dollar General, 3005 N. Slappey Blvd. and CVS at 1193 U.S. Highway 19 South.


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