Moving ahead comes with bumps in road

Do something, even if it’s wrong. You will learn more than if you do it right. The world isn’t perfect and never will be, so move on. Expect problems; if you don’t get any, then you’re not doing anything. Don’t tell me that some people have it worse than me. You don’t know what I’ve been through.

How do you know God has a plan? Did he tell it to you? Maybe he does and you won’t like it. Let someone else answer the easy questions, you take the hard ones. If you’re young and look down your nose at old people, pray you don’t get old.

If you ask me how I am, I might tell you. We need rain, so don’t complain if you get wet. We need the sun, so don’t complain if you get hot. Have you ever been away from home and eaten in a restaurant, only to find out you didn’t have any way to pay for it? If a little boy or girl asks you to stop and play with them, do it; it may not do you any good, but it will make a big difference to them.

The imagination can only be conquered by imagining the unimaginable. If you’re going to gamble, then bet on Jesus. If you’re wrong, you will have been a better person and won’t have lost anything. If you’re right, the rewards are beyond description. If you’re not where you thought you should be in life, who told you to turn? And last but not least, it’s Merry Christmas; if you’re offended, then leave.