Murder is murder, no matter the method

I believe that within minutes of the killings at school in Newtown, Conn., that every state in the nation knew of it. It truly was a sad day. I know that many tears rolled down checks as we saw the parents as they learned that they had lost a child because of the action of someone who had no concern for the life of others. They have broken hearts that will take weeks and maybe years to heal, if ever.

I also know there are tears of great joy for those who learned that their child had been spared. They will not want to let their children out of their sight. It will be a difficult thing for them to do. I thought it great when the lady who was in the bad weather said it was like God was weeping for them. I know He is sad when any of His children are murdered.

That is why I do not understand how so many children can be murdered with the consent of the parents. Thousands have been murdered by the people of this Christian nation and called abortion. Isn’t it murder no matter how one is killed? What is the difference?




LoneCycler 2 years, 8 months ago

The same people that clamor for gun control after the atrocity in Newtown, CT, are the same ones that say the abortion of over 1 million defenseless children each year for the past 20 years (not just thousands) is only the rightful exercise of "women's rights" and not murder. They claim capital punishment for convicted murderers is "barbaric," think gays should be allowed to marry, insist on a secular humanist agenda in schools and that climate change will destroy the Earth. These people are the real danger to our society. They are immoral and care only about the power to control other people's lives.


QUIK 2 years, 8 months ago

I believe the difference is that the government and our system of governing say that abortion is legal (at one time it was illegal). As far as the consent of parents goes, it seems that decision is made mostly by the woman. Since I became an adult (quite a few decades ago) I have questioned whether this is a Christian nation (or ever was) and my answer is no for other reasons. Some like to boast of how much freedom we have here but forget the true nature of the word FREE-DOM. Se'-lah. T. Wright


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