Wishing happiness nothing to argue about

There are many complaints and statements about that the message of saying “Seasons Greetings” is wrong, to boycott any business who has employees that say such, that Merry Christmas is the only true response that should be used.

People, look around you. There is pain, there is war, there is disease, there is death, there are children suffering, there is hunger and poverty, and you are putting your energy into an injustice of how someone is wishing you happiness? This is beyond baffling to me. I respect everyone’s right to their beliefs. I will gladly accept any of your well wishes from them. I need happy thoughts. Please wish me Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Jolly Kawanza. Merry Groundhog Day and any other nice things you want to throw out to me. I will smile and say, “Same back atcha!”

I sent out cards to all of my customers. Some said Merry Christmas, some said Happy Holidays — there may have been some Feliz Navidads, I’m not sure. I get them on clearance because I need close to 400. What they are to me and to my folks are mental hugs and verbal smiles. I want to wish them happiness once a year at a time I love. They might be Jewish, Muslim, Buddist — whatever — I’m just being nice and want them to know I am thinking of them. They can wish me any happy day back in return and I will be grateful. Any positive thought from any person is hugely welcomed in these days. So happiness to you in whatever form you need to accept it in and many more.