‘A Night that Glitters’ ready for second year

At 2011’s “A Night That Glitters,” from left, Shealy Sinyard, Cassie Sizemore, Staci Wright, Leigh Ann Shipley, Lena Waldrop, Mandy Davis and Allison Daniels enjoy their evening.

At 2011’s “A Night That Glitters,” from left, Shealy Sinyard, Cassie Sizemore, Staci Wright, Leigh Ann Shipley, Lena Waldrop, Mandy Davis and Allison Daniels enjoy their evening.

ALBANY — After a successful event last year, the Junior League of Albany is putting on another New Year’s Eve party.

“A Night that Glitters: New Year’s Eve Celebration” is set to take place on Monday for those who want to give 2012 a formal farewell, while at the same time contributing to a good cause.


From left, Callie Walker, Allison Daniels, Katie Gatewood and Sally Boyd enjoy the 2011 “A Night that Glitters.”


From left, Stephanie and Heath Fountain, and Staci and Greg Wright attend the 2011 “A Night that Glitters.”

The event is scheduled for 7:30 p.m.-1 a.m. at the Merry Acres Event Center on Dawson Road. Serving as the Junior League’s New Year’s celebration, it is a formal event — which means a tuxedo or suit for men and a dress for women — set to include music by the New South Players, a reverse raffle for a diamond necklace and men’s watch, hor d’oevures, a midnight ball drop and a good night doughnut sendoff compliments of Krispy Kreme.

There will also be a cash bar, coordinators say.

Event tickets are $50 each, and raffle tickets are $25 each. Individuals must be present to win the raffle. Rooms will be available for those who need them at the Merry Acres Inn for $65.

“We want to stress (that is is important) to stay safe, which is why we have worked with Merry Acres for these reduced room rates,” said Jessica Hunter, co-chair of the event.

Even for those who don’t win the grand prizes from Allen’s Jewelers will be able to go home with something, whether it be a spa gift card, or a gift card to Loco Grill & Pub or Goo-Goo Car Wash.

“Even if you don’t win the big prize, there is a good chance you are going to get something,” Hunter said. “We promise the night will hold a lot of fun.”

Last year’s inaugural event drew 250, with more people expected to attend this year.

All proceeds will benefit the Children’s Miracle Network and Lily Pad Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Center.

Coordinators of the event say that last year’s event attracted adults of all ages, as well as people from towns throughout Southwest Georgia.

“From a fundraising standpoint, it supports two local charities and the money stays here,” said Shealy Sinyard, also a co-chair of the event. “They are charities anyone of us may need to use at some point.

“We just want people to come out and have a good time. ... We wanted to make it (the event) something that would be fun.”

Southern Elegance, Woodall’s, Tony’s Fitness, Backwoods Outdoors, M&M Mars and Publix are among the major sponsors for the event.

Tickets are available at Merry Acres, Harvest Moon, Blush, Southern Elegance and at www.jlalbany.org. League members can buy tickets by logging in to the member manager on jlalbany.org.

Tickets also will be available for purchase at the door, Hunter said.


chinaberry25 2 years, 4 months ago

The wanna be's will be jumping through hoops to get there. Maybe their baby girl will be a deb someday.


neliz 2 years, 4 months ago

If you're not a part of that clique, you may spend $50 to sit in the corner with your date. Just FYI from my experience last year.


chattyone 2 years, 4 months ago

to Neliz - I am sorry you did not have a good time last year - might have been your date. I am not a part of the clique you refer to or a member of this group and we had a wonderful time! It was beautiful, the music was great and I was appreciative to these ladies and Bo Henry for including a room so we did not have to drive home! Kudos to this group for putting on a class evening that was enjoyed by many!
And BTW Chinaberry - no hoops to jump through to be a deb for those with positive attitudes - sounds like you are the wanna be - maybe because your baby girl was not a deb?? Hmmmm tsk tsk for having sour grapes. Certainly not the attitude of an Albany deb or her mother! Happy New Year - maybe 2013 will be better for you!


neliz 2 years, 4 months ago

Chatty - Way to be personal by accusing my date. How classy of you. My date was a former member of the Junior League, and we found the affair to be very stuffy and boring. Clearly, you have some attachment to this event since you have to attack commenters for their opinions. That is uncalled for.


chattyone 2 years, 3 months ago

somewhat well said neliz - not dissing your date, just pointing out that social events are many times what you make it - you know the have-a-good-attitude-let's-have-fun mindset. Maybe you just weren't in the mood to ring in the new year. Not an attachment and not an attack - just stating my own opinion of what I read. Still give a hats off to this group of ladies who find ways to offer the community a good time while raising funds for worthy causes - and don't think negative remarks about an event from one person should be shared without expecting comment from another who had the extreme opposite experience - share with everyone where you find your good time this year - but I think you should give this event another try. Clearly, if you were uncomfortable because of the stuffiness you may not have a choice of places to celebrate in Albany. Happy 2013 to you and your special someone, this year.


doingwhatisright 2 years, 3 months ago

While the AJL means well and does a great job of raising funds for worthwhile causes, they do have a tendency to forget those who give to the charity once the monies are received. This is most evident in events such as this. Neliz, is correct in each of the statements. As a inactive member of a much larger, out of town Junior League, who chooses not to be an active member of the AJL, I am humiliated by Chatty-one's responses. Just to let the readers know, she is not a positive representative of the Junior League...she is the typical member who gained an invitation by whatever means and hasn't been taught that membership into the JL is accepted and maintained with humility and grace. I apologize for chatty's lack of responsibility. I encourage the JL executive board to caution their members against negative public outcry.


neliz 2 years, 3 months ago

amen. thank you for saying that. it's appreciated after such truly offensive comments from an AJL affiliate.


Sister_Ruby 2 years, 3 months ago

it hurts my eyes to look at the picture.


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