Equinox buys new company

Mark Grimaldi

Mark Grimaldi

ALBANY -- Equinox Chemicals recently acquired Adco Cleaning Products LLC, a manufacturer of specialty chemicals and detergents used in dry-cleaning, commercial laundry and institutional cleaning products, according to Mark Grimaldi, CEO of Equinox Chemicals.

Grimaldi said the Missouri-based company currently has more than 300 proprietary products offered through the Adco and Laidlaw brands. When combined with the more than 600 products in the Equinox portfolio, the acquisition will go far to broaden the chemical offerings of both companies, Grimaldi said.

"Our executive team recognized that the chemical industry was full of opportunities for strong technical support and for a service organization that carries the high quality to the customer," Grimaldi said.

According to Grimaldi, his company's first entry into the dry-cleaning and cleaning chemical field was in 2009 with the formation of Rynex Technologies to manufacture and distribute biodegradable earth-friendly dry-cleaning solvents and related products.

Last June, Grimaldi entered into a joint venture with Christeyns NV, a privately held European laundry products manufacturer and supplier. The joint venture combined the power of Christeyns' expertise in developing premium laundry solutions and its large European presence with more than 250 field technicians in more than 20 countries. The venture will focus on providing high quality dry cleaning products to the European, Middle East, and South American markets.

Gramaldi's stated objective for Equinox is to build a "global portfolio of laundry and dry-cleaning chemical companies and ventures" through the acquisition of companies such as Adco.

"This latest acquisition will continue our aggressive strategy to revolutionize and revitalize the laundry, dry-cleaning and cleaning chemical industry," Grimaldi said. "We've launched a global effort to identify, acquire and/or partner with the very best organizations with the very best products in the industry."

Grimaldi describes Equinox as "a specialty chemical manufacturer with specialty research, innovation, product development and commercialization capabilities."

The company's product customer base includes consumers of pharmaceuticals, food, flavor, fragrance, cleaning products, alternative energy and aerospace technology, Grimaldi said.