Two pit bulls menace man

ALBANY — Two pit bulls menaced a 29-year-old man walking home from work on the 600 block of West Broad Avenue at 4 a.m. Thursday, stated an Albany Police Department report.

Quentin Wilson said in the report that “the biggest dog stepped in front of him and the smallest dog stood behind him. The dogs started growling at him so he ran.”

While running away from the pursuing dogs, Wilson tripped, fell and went into possum mode. “He played dead and held his breath,” the report added. The big pit bull “put his nose to (Wilson’s) nose” found his prey wasn’t breathing and walked away.

Dougherty County EMS took Wilson to the Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Emergency Center for the injuries he suffered from the fall. He was released, said a hospital spokeswoman.

According to the police, officers watched the dogs until Antwan Demarcus Williams arrived and took the dogs back into Hot Pockets Billiards at 631 W. Broadway Ave.

The dogs’ owner, 24-year-old Mark Aaron Washington, said his dogs were friendly, the report stated. “The dogs were out of his business (Hot Pocket Billiards) and vicious towards us while on the scene. We were unable to get out of our cars,” the report concluded.

Washington was cited for not having his dogs inoculated, allowing animals to run at large and for a nuisance violation, the report stated.

Recently pit bulls have been reported involved in several attacks in Albany including:

  • 2500 block of Cherokee Drive, a pit bull killed a dog Jan. 13, a cat on January 19.

  • 2800 block of West Elton Street a pit bull killed a cat on Jan. 31.

  • 100 block of Hillside Drive, a pit bull bit a 13-year-old girl.


dingleberry 3 years, 8 months ago

In Albany, if the criminals don't get ya, the pit bulls will! Are we going to have a new weekly report series like the jail report? Perhaps put a mug shot of the dog with its owner's profile shot next to it. You folks with "pit pets" better get ready for a new ordinance--which may not be a bad idea the way things are being reported these days.


waltspecht 3 years, 8 months ago

About these ordanances. By Law, wouldn't current owners be given a grace period, or just Grandfathered in? How do you pass what is in essence a Zoning Ordanance to outlaw that which already exists? Like when they said you couldn't have farm animals, if you already had them, you were grandfathered in and they couldn't do much about you.


TrixibelleBento 3 years, 8 months ago

I've had pit bulls in my life and NONE of them were vicious. It's how you train them. I had mine since they were puppies and were big slobbery lap dogs.

If you walk around with the dog in a choke collar, then you're going to get an aggressive animal. I know I'd be hostile if someone treated me that way.


agirl_25 3 years, 8 months ago

HEADLINE READ: Angry pit bull owners are biting back over comments made by the SPCA that the breed is bad to the bone.

(Looks like this is a problem all over.....this is from New Zealand)....

SPCA Executive Director Bob Kerridge last week said pit bulls are the exception to the rule that dogs are not born bad.

"The pit bull is the exception to the way we talk about dogs. No dogs are born bad, except pit bulls - owners make them bad," he said.

Kerridge was responding to a spate of dog attacks.

Six children have been attacked by dogs in the last month - at least three by pit bulls or pit bull crosses."

It looks like the breed is going to soon be an international problem......sad, huh? I must agree tho, owners make them bad......the breed is not bad.


Jacob 3 years, 8 months ago

From the APD report......

"The big pit bull “put his nose to (Wilson’s) nose” found his prey wasn’t breathing and walked away."

LOL. You can't make stuff up funnier than what passes for competency in public agencies here...


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