Obama energy policies nothing to brag about

Another company touted by Obama has filed for bankruptcy. Another $118.5 million grant down the drain; another delay in the timing of the announcement until after the State of the Union address. Why? Is he ashamed of his energy policies? What happened to the 1 million electric cars by 2015, and the subsidized Volt has had numerous problems, not counting range.

After the Solyndra and Beacon Power debacle(s) by this administration you would think the president would stop telling us how good his energy policies are. Good for who? The companies who donate big to the Democrats or the taxpayers paying the bills for stupid policies?

Instead of producing the thousands of new (clean energy) jobs this administration guaranteed, the only thing we have to show is another $118.5 million squandered. The president has shown his energy policies to me -- keep the OPEC nations rich on our money instead of creating more jobs here.

The worst president we ever had strikes again.