Republicans lost on how to win election

I don't know about you, but I am well fed up with the current GOP run for the presidency. Since the run began not long ago it seems that we have seen the National Republican Party at perhaps its all time worst. From the very starting bell we have seen a party markedly devoid of any notion of how to approach winning the presidency in the next election. In fact, one would think that the goal of this exercise was to diminish, marginalize and or destroy every other candidate in the race except self. It has seemed that one really could not tell the Republican Party from the "other party" in terms of the vicious attacks they consistently launch upon each other. The candidates actions seem to further the notion that with politicians the over arching principle for most is "It is all about me."

I would hate to be in a fight, as we seem to be, for our nation and its survival, knowing the politicians were "on my side." Can you imagine the military tasked to fight a battle with all the troops arguing among themselves? It would be a fearful prospect. It is not as though the "other party" is found lacking as a suitable target in any full debate with a "non-biased" person moderating the debate. Just to mention a couple of topics which might be debatable: Are you better off than you were three years ago? As gas prices rise, as access to fuel supplies remain a national security risk, and realizing we need the creation of an abundance of jobs, are you satisfied that the president turned his back on the Keystone Pipeline Project? In addition there might be further questions in areas of recess appointments, Fast and Furious and the president indicating that he was going to ignore congress.

We have, for sometime, been at a crossroads. As citizens and taxpayers we deserve much better but we must be strong. Our time is coming and is almost here when we can speak through the ballot box our potentially most powerful ally. Be prepared!




waltspecht 3 years, 3 months ago

The mudslinging tells us that there really aren't any viable canidates. They all have some baggage that really disqualifies them as a canidate in the eyes of an honest voter. We are told all Politicians have these things in their background, and they represent the avarage citizen. I don't know about you, but I haven't been married three times, and been in essence asked to leave politics due to ethics problems. I have never taken away an individuals income to boost the profits of the managing staff. I haven't been in politics, and really never even tried to accomplish that which they now expose as solutions. This is both Republican and Democrat. Politicians think they are a prefferential class. I see that from the employment of their relatives in jobs you or I never would stand a chance of getting. I see it by their publicly disclosed, and secretly hidden assets. Time to clean house and put normal people in elected positions, people that have this Country as their primary driving force, not where their next dollar comes from.


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