Administrators should see life in classroom

Let’s realistically evaluate teachers. First and foremost, we have got to realize the mixed crop of students out there. We must admit that they aren’t all good material to begin with. Instead of dumping these problem learners off on the low-seniority teachers, let’s offer a 20 percent bonus for those that will, and can, teach these students.

Let’s make the administrators sit in on one full class with each of the teachers each week and write an evaluation. Plus, they can’t only monitor that class. They must monitor all the classes that teacher instructs in logical progression, and the visits must be unannounced. Over the school term, the administrator must meet face-to-face with the parents, guardians or caretakers of each student to discuss the teacher’s performance.

If the involved individuals won’t participate, a phone interview would be attempted. Those students would be highlighted as having non-cooperative parents. This should be done after hours, when most people that work would be available. The administrator must share any problems brought up by these parents with the teacher immediately. Otherwise, a quarterly interview would be required and documented. Then, and only then, would the test scores be brought into the equation.

The equation would include administrative evaluations, student evaluations, test scores and base it on the administrator’s professional opinion of the student body that particular teacher deals with, plus lesson plans, their use and implementation. That way we make the administrators get out into the classrooms, develop relationships and actually monitor what is happening in their school. If they have to deal with the daily problems, maybe they will deal with them instead of excusing them and blaming the teachers.

I believe it is the only way to be fair to the teachers. After all, what are we paying these folks $80,000 a year plus for? Yes, I mean for all school systems, not just Dougherty County.




gotanyfacts 3 years, 3 months ago

Walt, I taught for over thirty years. During that time one's education became less and less the responsiblity of the student. Today we attempt to "give" our chidren a good education. In the past we gave them the opporunity for that education. I can rememeber, in response to one of my less than spectacular moments at school, my dad's admonition not to "waste my opportunity" for an education.( He wasn't just talking, either ;) ) Now, when a student does poorly the reaction is to determine how we have failed the student. It is a part of the victim mentality foisted upon Americans looking for an excuse as to why some folks "have it better" than other folks. Observations will not rid us of the victim mentality.


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