Women move closer to combat trenches

According to National Public Radio, the Army and Marines have placed women one step closer to combat. What do you think?

Because of the Iraq War, women have been placed in harm’s way because of Sharia Law. I understand the law will not permit men touching women. So our military requested that women volunteer for “above and beyond the call of duty.” They face combat duty with only body armor and a helmet but no weapons. They must rely on the men to provide them any form of protection.

Women have been in harm’s way. Our military places them in the battlefield with attack helicopters and airplanes. Now they request women into the combat field. In each war we enter, the military places women closer to the trenches with men. How long before women must share the same barracks with men? The front half belongs to the women, and the second half belongs to the men.

Government mixes men and women. How long before they station the Marines at Forts Bragg, Campbell and Benning, at least for training?




agirl_25 3 years, 9 months ago

Mr. Schweikert....Sharia law is something that does not worry me. Individual states have been passing legislation about this "Sharia law" matter for quite some time. Besides, the Constitution already gives judges the power to refuse to recognize foreign law. In the end..... our Constitution is the law of the land.....right? As far as the military goes..haven't women have had combat roles for a while? As far as women and men being in the same barracks.....the Navy has women and men in the service too and did you realize they are on the same submarines? For months and months at a time too! Women can make their own decisions.....they choose to go into combat, to fly a jet plane, to become an astronaut, a be a surgeon, a nurse, anything they want.....don't worry....they will be fine.

Borrowing a trend from Mr. Fletcher may I say to you:

Now there was a time When they used to say That behind every great man There had to be a great woman

Oh in these times of change You know that it's no longer true So we're coming out of the kitchen 'Cause there's something We forgot to say to you

We say, Sisters are doing it for themselves Standing on their own two feet And ringing on their own bells Sisters are doing it for themselves

This is a song to celebrate The conscious liberation Of the female state

Mothers, daughters And their daughters too, yeah Woman to woman We're singing with you

The inferior sex Has got a new exterior, yeah We got doctors, lawyers Politicians too,

Everybody, take a look around Can you see, can you see, can you see There's a woman right next to you,


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