Navy awards contract for MCLB project

ALBANY, Ga. -- Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southeast awarded a $4.5 million contract on Feb. 8 to Facility Improvement Services LLC out of Columbus for facility support services at Marine Corps Logistics Base-Albany.

"This contract replaces an existing multifunction contract that will enable us to accomplish specialized maintenance and repair such as boiler inspections, elevator inspections and tank inspections," said Lt. Cmdr. Jeffrey Benjamin, public works officer at MCLB- Albany.

The contract will also provide for maintenance and repair of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as fire protection systems and digital control systems.

"This will enhance our capability to provide emergency, urgent and routine service call work and for small maintenance and repair work," said Benjamin.

The maximum dollar value, including the base period and two option periods, is $13.7 million.

The choice of which company was given the contract hinged, at least in part, on the fact that Facility Improvement Services is a small business.

"A sources-sought survey was done to determine if small businesses could handle the type of work (in the contract)," explained Susan Brink, public affairs officer for NAVFAC. "After surveying several small business, it was determined that a small business could handle the work.

"Then a solicitation (went) out to obtain bids on the contract. Once bids are received, a team reviews them to meet certain select criteria and then a selection is made. Facility Improvement Services was selected based on 'best value to government.'"

Other services will include, but are not limited to maintenance, repair, alteration, demolition, certification, testing and minor construction at various locations aboard MCLB.

Such work has had to be contracted out in the past, and this particular arrangement allows for multiple services to be consolidated under one contractor, a move officials say will ultimately save time, money and help make MCLB more efficient.

"Work being contracted out was specialized in nature, and now (we can) consolidate the work into one contract," Brink said. "This will save time and resources, as previously work may have been contracted out to several people and companies, where now the new contractor will handle all of the types of projects listed in the contract.

"For example, in the past we would have to contract out separately for boiler inspections, fuel tank inspections, etc. These are significant skill sets that are required and do not exist in the current work force on base."

The contract was competitively procured via the Navy Electronic Commerce Online website with six proposals received. The work is expected to be complete by March 2015.

"We're excited about the opportunity to continue our support to the Marine Corps and the numerous (Department of Defense) personnel that rely on a strong infrastructure to accomplish their mission," said Matt Bacik, one of the owners of Facility Improvement Services, in a statement emailed to The Albany Herald Wednesday evening.


dingleberry 3 years, 3 months ago

I hope some work was left for the base employees who in some cases do what the contractor now will. Or, do we plan to pay both--won't be a first.


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