Metro Albany has fallen out of God's grace

A Cry Out (Blatantly borrowed with permission from a dear friend):

"Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty back together again."

Well, they took him to the "king's horses and the king's men", but, they never took Humpty to the king.

Albany and Dougherty County, as well as the "bedroom counties" of Terrell, Baker and Lee, are in a broken state. The king's horses and men (politics and politicians) can't fix it, so I'm thinkin' "perhaps time is drawing nigh to take us to the king."

I'm writing this on behalf of the cities and counties, unsolicited, for Our Father which art in Heaven We are in a dither here and I'm asking to see if God will help us.

As a community, we've slipped in following God's morals, values and standards. Because of this we have all sorts of problems. We have murder, theft, dishonoring of parents, adultery, divorce, lying, cheating, stealing and a general breaking down of the family. We've disregarded each other and now we are trying to legislate how God told us to live in the first place.

We just can't seem to get along here. We've lost jobs and businesses and are in deep need of employers to bring jobs here. Simply put, God, we are not in unity here, let alone God's unity.

May I ask God to forgive us and please magnify His Holy Spirit in our communities and heal our communities and for harmony to come on each and every heart here?

I further ask him to please draw attention to the outside world and make our communities known as the places God has repaired. And create a hunger and thirst for people to want to relocate here and grow our community to a new, thriving, wholesome place to live and work and love our neighbors as ourselves.