Use of Ray Charles' funds disappointing

It's somewhat of a disappointment that the $3 million donated by Ray Charles has not been used for intended purposes. As alleged, the first million is still in the bank and the other two million were used as discretionary funds to defray the expense of 125 scholarships to ASU. That's cool, but only if the Ray Charles Foundation agrees.

Hopefully, all 125 students will grow into scholars, become good stewards and great contributors to Albany and the surrounding area. We need a litte face-lifting here and a total makeover there. Stay or come on back to Albany after you venture off to institutions of higher education -- liken to architecture, medical, pharmaceutical, law, or finer arts. "To those given much ... much is expected" -- Luke 12:48.

As for the city of Albany and Dougherty County -- someone, I guess we taxpayers, need to re-tool the Ray Charles venue down by the river. It looks naked without an enclosure, but then most statues are out in the open -- duh. I know, but Mr. Charles, however, has somewhat of a handicap. He may not see the pigeons coming to roost. Maybe he'd be more at home in a theater setting -- illuminated in the orchester pit, out in the vestibule or some other prominent place. Then again, traffic passing through wouldn't be able to see him.

C'st la vie -- life is filled with ifs, ands, buts, should-haves and shouldn't-haves. Y'all do whatcha wanna -- if you think it warrants your attention. As for me and my house, life is too short for me and Ol' Blue to worry about it. Worry hasn't been credited for solving a single thing. Y'all be good and God's gonna love you anyway -- even if you ain't no good. You can find that under G, for God's Grace. Amen?