Flags should be half-mast for slain military personnel

Governor Deal, in the past several days we have seen the governor of New Jersey order the flags in his state to be flown at half-mast to honor an entertainer who had died. That gave me pause to consider the fact that I am unaware of any consistent practice in the state of Georgia to fly the flags in the state at half-staff when one of our members of the military from the state of Georgia dies in the line of duty.

I do not know what would be necessary in the state of Georgia, whether by executive order or legislation, to establish such a practice as an automatic recognition of the deceased statewide for the sacrifices made by them, their entire family and their community -- sacrifices for our safety and defense of our liberty. In addition, it would seem appropriate that a certificate be given the family as a token of the state's appreciation. I hope that you will consider this and implement it as soon as possible.

This is the essence of an email I sent to the governor Monday evening, February 20th.

Please, as you may read this, think about it and, if you agree, contact the governor's office in support of this. My personal belief is that we owe our military a great deal of honor and respect for the sacrifices they make daily in our behalf.