Candidates try to meet conservative checklist

The words “very,” “more” and “most” are always getting lots of traction around this time of the political cycle.

There is only one party that reminds me of two boys who always argue about how much stronger his dad is than the other boy’s dad. Listen on any given day from Republican candidates confessing how much more conservative they are than the other candidates. It’s not enough to be just a Republican these days. There is a checklist on what it is to be a conservative then a Republican.

Strange. Democrats, Independents or libertarians don’t have such a checklist or a major group titled “Liberal Political Action Conference” like a CPAC. I guess it’s the age of labels that sounds good, like the very best, the greatest, most talented or the most conservative. What’s wrong with just being described as a Republican?

I guess this may be the reason why it’s so hard to join this elite group and still be a “less” conservative Republican. I still don’t understand why everyone in the party always goes back to California of the 1980s to find the only standard they have (every political cycle). I guess when you are special, you must act special each voting cycle.