Albany entranceways need cleaning up

Our new mayor is getting off to a good start with her pledge to clean up the many eyesores that detract from our claim to being the “Good life City.”

I suggest to Mrs. Hubbard that she pay particular attention to the appearance of the major roadways into Albany. These roads are the first thing visitors see as they enter our city. If these roads are trashy and the buildings are rundown looking, the new welcome signs will be wasted money.

The Code Enforcement Department should be instructed to monitor these major thoroughfares on a continuing basis to make sure the properties along these streets are kept clean and as attractive as possible.

Our 311 non-emergency phone number should be on every smart phone so when problems are noted they can be quickly eliminated.

I can’t understand the attitude of people when litter is thrown from their cars to end up along our roads. A case in point is Pine Lake in Merry Acres. It receives its share of beer bottles, hamburger rappers and trash, which we attempt to remove as promptly as we can, but it is an ongoing problem.

The same is true of the other main roadways in Albany. Keeping them attractive is an ongoing project for the street department or code enforcement.

I hope our mayor will continue pressure on the commissioners and the city departments to see that Albany presents a clean, attractive face to the many visitors that come here to shop or that are just passing through. Let’s show them a desirable Albany and hope they will come back to stay.




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