Americans enablers of what’s wrong

Over the last 10 years in America there’s been lots of hardcore criticism on our presidents, Congress, Wall Street, unions, Muslims, Catholic Church, education system, national debt, Republicans, Democrats and on immigration. There is one cause-and-effect area that has gotten a virtual pardon, and that is the American people.

Americans have always been the major enablers to the very problems they love to decry. Let’s start with Americans being romanced by the same corrupted elected officials each and every voting cycle. It’s always the other party’s fault. We re-elect officials for fifth and 10th terms because they say just the just the right things that make our hearts flutter. We knowingly attend churches with corrupt priests and pastors for years.

We denounce communism while shopping at the world’s largest retail chain store. We believe we are the greatest Christian nation while having the highest murder rate. We hate the school system, but won’t homeschool our kids (a true sacrifice, for sure). We criticize the rich while buying our lottery tickets. For some reason our personal debt is not a problem around Christmas. We say how smart, giving and strong we are, but we left out as citizens, we are fools. Our problems are “citizen afflicted,” like a deep wound. Enablers are great at keeping a good thing going!