Houston gave talents to wrong cause

This is my last letter to your paper as I finally move to civilization to my daughter. No, I can shop and have a caring mayor who loves her job and her city. It is not only a title to her. She works for it.

I am disgusted at the attention Whitney Houston is getting like a “hero.” New jersey’s governor flies the national flag at half-mast. What a slap in the face of all men in uniform who died for this country. As far as I am concerned, her voice was not pleasant to me. she opened her mouth and screamed. I am surprised she did not have cancer of her vocal chords.

What is impressive of a person who lives on drugs and alcohol? Is that the kind of role model you want for your daughters? To me, she sounded like someone in the dentist’s office getting a root canal. She abused her God-given voice. Remember Rosemary Clooney and Dinah Shore, the beautiful records they made that were pleasant to the ears? Such a circus over a person who died because of her own fault.

She made millions, was still not happy. Why? Because she started singing for God in her church, then money meant more that gratitude, so guilt turned her to drugs and booze. I don’t think she is singing with the angelic chorus in heaven since she gave her talents to the wrong cause. We better pray for her soul.




agirl_25 3 years, 8 months ago

Mrs. Brady....best to you in your new surroundings...I have enjoyed your views on life...altho I may not agree with all of them...the letters you write are still interesting to read. I also agree with you on the Whitney Houston tribute. It is sad that she left a young daughter and was the kind of example she was for her. I think it was wrong to honor someone who threw their life away on drugs the way she did and think the New Jersey governor was wrong to lower the state flag the way he did. It was a good thing he did not have the power to lower the United States flag for then there would have been a terrible backlash. I do believe she was a talented singer with a beautiful voice tho and it is a shame that she did not appreciate the talent she had. Again, best to you in your new home.


ghostofkarelia 3 years, 8 months ago

THANK YOU. There may never be a more naturally gifted singer, but for a variety of reasons, she never came close to reaching her potential. I mean, she didn't even write her own songs. With that being said, she gave the most powerful performance of the national anthem that I have ever seen. Regardless, someone who addressed her own drug use without any semblance of responsibility or sincerity should not be lauded as a hero, especially when you consider her visibility and influence on her community.


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