Positive attitude breeds success

To succeed in what you do, you have to have a positive attitude about what you do and why you do it. No matter what your job, how you do it has an effect on the success or failure of the company or individual you work for. For you to succeed, your employer has to succeed.

How you deal with customers, or potential customers, has a great deal to do with if you will have a job to go to tomorrow.

In Dawson at the Piggly Wiggly, there is an outstanding employee. Her name is Ms. Rubie. For years, she was one of the main reasons I chose to shop at that store. Then I met another employee there that had a bad attitude, maybe from a bad day, maybe just their demeanor. Either way, I have never been back. That cost the store about $5,600 a year in business, all because of the attitude of that one individual. Were they to infect their attitude on more customers, the store would probably close.

So, know that what you say and do has a great deal to do with your employer’s success and, in the long run, your success. Be it a factory job or as a city clerk, your attitude is your best way of assuring your continued employment and there through your success.