Republican candidates focusing on faults

Page Two would like to comment on the debates for president. The constant bickering, jabbing, innuendos, third-grade half-truths and accusations that the GOP presidential wannabes are using to persuade you to vote for them is disgusting.

First of all, anyone who would want to follow the current president and try to clean up his American destructive ambitious ways is crazy. It’s a no-win situation because whatever you do will be wrong. To sit along side each other and tell what a bad person the other is is sending me a message that says, “I don’t have anything good to say about myself, so I’ll run the other person down.” Then to make matters worse, they will comment, “As your president, I’ll do this or that.” A President can only do what Congress will allow him to do and no more!

All of them put together wouldn’t make a good president. The one who made the most sense and probably the most qualified was run out of the race by a woman who decided after 13 years to tell the world she was a gutter slut for having an affair with him all this time. What did that have to do with his ability to run this country? As for the ones left, it’s all about egos or being part of an elite group.

Each president we’ve had since Kennedy has made one destructive move after another regarding this country and that includes both Republicans and Democrats. More Later from Page Two.