Iowans shortsighted on Gingrich campaign

Forgive my handwriting. I stumbled and fell on the carpet, injuring my right hand slightly. However, my pain is nothing compared to my disgust for the Iowa caucus.

I know God in heaven is shaking his head, too. Why would a bunch of corn farmers vote for another millionaire candidate, ignoring a highly intelligent Georgian who knows how the government runs, who did a wonderful job while speaker of the House? Also, he knows American history. That in itself should be an asset for a candidate.

You people idolize the Hollywood trash and condemn one man for his three marriages. If God has forgiven him, who are we to criticize? This business of the Fannie Mae of whatever is a poor excuse to reject.

Back in the '70s, I was working for one of the largest mortgage firms, which hired inexperienced minorities. I had the job of file supervisor. I can tell you I have found checks to pay off loans in the "paid off" files, then they put the "paid off" people's names on the "behind loan payments" lists, sent them threats of foreclosure. I caught the checks -- $20,000-$50,000 -- as I processed to close the files. I sent them or took them down to the finance office. I was in charge of 57,000 files and all CPA firms praised my system. I have pictures to prove it.

Now, back to Iowa. I hope their "corny" vote won't affect Mr. Gingrich from winning. I think we will have a good politician in Washington. Come on, Georgians, don't let those "conformers" defeat our intelligent, patriotic candidate, lose to one who is backed up by a governor of the gangster state, New Jersey, unless you want President Obama to win.

I wish I had a computer and could send everyone a message, "Vote for Gingrich!" I will. God bless all of you and let's have a happy, good American new year.