Jurisdiction the issue on street littering

I have long wondered why there is always so much paper and trash along the Dawson Road. This is one of the major entries into Albany and travelers must get a bad first impression of Lee and Dougherty counties because of the trash along the right-of-way.

Saturday, I was going west on Dawson Road when one of the big green trash trucks loaded to overflowing with paper and trash passed me going west. It evidently was bound for the recycle depot near Sasser. There was no cover on the load of paper and paper was blowing off of the truck and onto the highway.

I turned onto Oakland Road and there met a second green trash truck, also loaded with paper and recyclable material. This truck, like the one on Dawson Road, had no cover over the trash and this was ending up along Oakland Road.

I attempted to call 311 to report the problem, but our 311 is only in Dougherty County, so I called the Sheriff Office in Lee County to report the problem, but they did not know what could be done.

There must be some way to prevent these trucks from spreading trash along our roadways. I was unsuccessful because no one department is responsible for all three, Dougherty, Lee, and Terrell .

If anyone reading this letter knows how to stop this problem please let me know.




waltspecht 3 years, 7 months ago

Jurisdiction is not the issue, wittnessing the incident is. An on duty Law Officer for any jurisdiction could issue the driver a ticket if they wittnessed the occurance within their jurisdiction.


KaosinAlbany 3 years, 6 months ago

You are correct. Sounds like the Sheriff's office was asleep at the wheel. I would have wrote down the truck number and reported them to the trash collection agency and to the city/ county leaders to see what could be done.


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