Politicians dimming the light of America

America is not what it used to be -- people locking up its citizens in the streets, 14 million out of work, people losing homes and can't pay their taxes.

Both parties can't get together on anything. Washington's throwing money away. It's all about Washington now. Are we headed for Big Brother now?

Ronald Reagan said America is a shining light on a hill. The politicians today are putting that light out. The American people need to put some skin in the game and speak up. The educated can't get a job. The jobs are overseas.




sometimes77 2 years, 2 months ago

On the 10th of the first month, Nissan, Joshua led the Jewish people across the Jordan River Posted on April 13, 2011 by Editor By STEVE FELDMAN and ROBERT SKLAROFF PHILADELPHIA (JTA)–One of the most significant dates in Jewish history and Israeli history is here, but again will pass by with hardly any attention and no fanfare. The Book of Joshua states that on the 10th of the first month, Nissan, Joshua led the Jewish people across the Jordan River, which God had parted so the crossing could be made, and into the Land of Israel (Ch. 3: 14-17). This year the date corresponds with tonight, the evening of April 14 to sundown April 15. http://jewishworldnews.org/2011/04/13/on-the-10th-of-the-first-month-nissan-joshua-led-the-jewish-people-across-the-jordan-river/

Interestingly enough, Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary on the 10th day of our first month.

So, how do you run a campaign? Timing is not based on the physical circumstances. The river was at flood stage. To be sure, there must be a sense of inevitability - a chosen people of the powerful God. “Israel is the rod of his inheritance” (Jeremiah 10:16). Though Abraham and Jacob gave tithes, the Jews still require a sign. God stopped the waters. The ark passed before the people and the priests stood in the dry river bed until the people passed over. After placing 12 stones, they moved out and the river returned. Greeks seek after wisdom. However, even witnesses cannot agree. Reagan would hold news conferences and press conferences as the Time magazine was going to press. He would release information that would make the magazine look outdated and less than accurate. “Let your children know” (Joshua 4:22). Put stones on the dry riverbed. “On that day the Lord magnified Joshua” (Joshua 4:14).


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