With age comes some youthful reflection

When you reach a certain age, you contemplate about the past and selected people of your youth or younger days. I remember one young lady who had most, if not all, the males dancing and clowning around trying to gain her attention and improve their chances.

Well, approximately 40 years has past. Has she maintained her young shape, her youthful looks and her bubbly perky personality? As she has reached 60, has time helped or hurt? Is she old and wrinkled? When asked, those same guys say, "Who?"

Was I one? Not really -- 10 years older, marginal income and less disposable income does not provide any chances. (Wish I had remembered that when I married!)

WELL, THE COPYRIGHT attorneys are at it, again. They want to restrict farther areas (computers). If you see a person on YouTube, you must pay for it. You can pay upon $0.40 per viewing from a musical performer for writing and performing; while, you can pay $0.40 per viewing to someone with a video recorder and time on their hands recording someone "mooning" the camera by accident. (Mooning = showing a nude backside.)

The similar Swedish legal group sued a server group when the government did not process fast enough.