CDBG workshop set for nonprofits

ALBANY — The city of Albany is hosting a mandatory workshop Monday on how local nonprofit organizations that wish to compete for federal funding can apply.

The workshop, which is required for any nonprofit seeking funding, will be held Monday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Microbusiness Enterprise Building at 230 South Jackson Street.

The city’s Department of Community and Economic Development distributes Community Development Block Grant public service funding to nonprofits that meet certain criteria and perform some service for the region.

Past recipients include the Lily Pad SANE Center, Albany Community Inc., Albany Outreach, Liberty House, Flint River Habitat for Humanity and others.

Competition for funding is likely to become more stiff as Congress weighs cuts to programs like CDBG.

Officials said in the last five years nearly 4,000 people have been assisted locally through programs funded by CDBG grants, 758 jobs have been created or retained, and more than $900,000 has been spent on public service projects like roadwork, sidewalk improvements and sewer extensions in targeted low-income neighborhoods.