Hubbard sworn in as mayor

Dougherty County Probate Judge Nancy Stephenson swears in Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard as her family looks on at Monday’s city commission meeting.

Dougherty County Probate Judge Nancy Stephenson swears in Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard as her family looks on at Monday’s city commission meeting.

ALBANY, Ga. — Dorothy Hubbard promised to obey the law and represent the best interests of the people of Albany Monday as she took the oath to become the city’s next mayor.


J.D. Sumner

City Manager James Taylor moves Dorothy Hubbard’s name plate in front of the Mayor’s chair at the city commission table after Hubbard was sworn in Monday.

With the city commission chambers filled, and with her family standing behind her, Hubbard recited the oath to be mayor from Dougherty County Probate Judge Nancy Stephenson before taking her seat at the center of the city commission table.

Getting to that seat wasn’t an easy task.

Hubbard not only survived a tight general election contest between her, former state representative John White and popular local businesswoman B.J. Fletcher, but she also won by a slim margin in a runoff with Fletcher in early December to become the city’s first female mayor.

Before Hubbard took the oath however, outgoing mayor Willie Adams — who has served in that position for the last eight years — convened the meeting to start the night, only to relinquish the gavel and the office he’s held to Hubbard.

As Adams took his final bow as mayor, each of the commissioners — from Jon Howard who has been on the commission the longest serving nearly two decades as the representative from Ward I, to Rev. Ivey Hines who is the commission’s newest member from Ward II — took turns thanking Adams for his contributions to the office and to the city during his two terms.

Adams himself took time to thank his commissioners, city employees and the people of Albany for giving him the opportunity to serve.

“I’m confident that this commission and the person who will take this chair after me, will continue to lead the city into a positive direction after I’m gone,” Adams said.

Also sworn in Monday were Ward VI Commissioner Tommie Postell — who earned a second term as commissioner after beating former county commissioner Victor Edwards in a runoff — Ward IV Commissioner Roger Marietta and Howard.


Justice4Moma 3 years, 10 months ago

Please notice that the swearing in was to the people of Albany,not the City commission,or any other so called leaders of this town.Do us Good and we will do the same.I am not going to say i am sorry for anything i say,for i am not.I say what i think,and what i feel.I hope you will not only show that a Women can put Albany back on the right track,but that you do not go with the same ole Good ole Boy System.We need someone to gett us out of this whole that others have dug us so deep into.No more spending unless it is voting on.We are tired of paying for our leaders mistakes.Get the Children of Albany through School,thats what we pay for,but make sure it is done right.Make sure our neighborhoods are watched over.But most of all,Make the Citizens of Albany come first.After all they voted you in.Good Luck.


boyoboy 3 years, 10 months ago

You think it was bad with Adams, just hang on.I wonder who is going to tell her what to do? You know it is bad and sad that the only reason she is mayor is because of the color of her skin.


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