Albany police searching for stabbing suspect

ALBANY — Police are searching for Leecorey Walker, 32, in connection with an early morning stabbing today on Hobson Street.

According to Albany Police Departments spokesperson Phyllis Banks, a man broke into apartment 47 on Hobson Street and started fightintg with Roger Lewis, 22, who was visiting Shunkela Williams, 25, in her apartment.

Police say Lewis's cousin, Lewis Burke, 19, heard the altercation and came to assist the occupants, getting into a stuggle with the intruder, who police identified as Walker. During the struggle, police say Burke was stabbed at least twice — once in the upper chest and once in the back — with an unidentified object.

Police say Walker then fled from the apartment.

Lewis sustained minor injuries in the altercation, police say. Burke was taken to an Albany hospital with what appeared to be non-life threatening injuries.