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Health district offering shingles vaccination

ALBANY -- A vaccine recommended for people 60 and older to prevent shingles is now available at the Southwest Public District's 14 county health departments.

A single dose of Zostavax vaccine provides protection against shingles, a rash caused when an inactive chickenpox virus awakens in the body of someone who once had the disease. Complications can include hearing or vision loss, scarring, muscle weakness, partial paralysis and long-term nerve pain.

Those interested in the vaccine should contact their respective health departments to discuss payment options or Medicare Part D reimbursement. Calling ahead is also a good idea to ensure the vaccine is available.

For more information about the vaccine, contact your local county health department or go to


dingleberry 3 years, 6 months ago

Shingles is something you don't want to find out about the hard way. If you can afford it, get the shot. Can affect any age but If you are older, it seems much worse. I know a number of all ages who have had shingles and each describes it as among the worst most painful experiences of their life


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