Port Chuck set for Albany stage

From left are Port Chuck members Brandon Barash, Scott Reeves, Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson. Port Chuck will play at Quail Unlimited’s Fox and Covey Finale Saturday at the Albany Civic Center.

From left are Port Chuck members Brandon Barash, Scott Reeves, Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson. Port Chuck will play at Quail Unlimited’s Fox and Covey Finale Saturday at the Albany Civic Center.

WHAT: Fox and Quail Covey Finale

WHEN: Saturday, 8:30 p.m.; doors open at 7:30.

WHERE: Albany Civic Center

COST: $25 General Admission, $28 Reserved Seating

Tickets can be purchased at the Albany Civic Center Box Office, at Ticketmaster outlets and www.ticketmaster....

ALBANY, Ga. — One conversation with actor Scott Reeves quickly reveals two important facts: He loves music and he loves connecting with the people he meets along the way, whether fellow musicians or fans.

A singer, actor and songwriter, Reeves is currently part of the cast of the ABC soap opera “General Hospital,” on which he has played the role of Dr. Steven Webber since 2009.

Reeves is also a member of the band “Port Chuck,” which comprises four actors from the show: Steve Burton, who portrays the character Jason Morgan; Bradford Anderson, otherwise known as Damien Spinelli; and Brandon Barash, who plays mobster Johnny Zacchara.

Port Chuck will be among the musical artists performing at a concert Saturday night at the Albany Civic Center as part of Quail Unlimited’s 26th Annual Celebrity Conservation Event.

This year’s festivities include a conservation dinner and auction on Friday night, with entertainment provided by Hank Williams’ daughter and her band, Jett Williams and Band. Also performing Friday will be Legends of the Opry stars Moe Bandy, Larry Corle, Jim Ed Brown and Jeremy Parsons. On Saturday, club members and celebrities will participate in a traditional quail hunt followed by Saturday night’s “Fox and Quail Covey Finale” to cap off the weekend. Along with Port Chuck, other performers slated for the civic center’s stage include country recording artists Ashton Shepherd, Keith Anderson, Andy Griggs, Eddie Raven and Daryl Singletary. Albany-based band Relapse will close out the concert.

Named for the fictional city of Port Charles, in which General Hospital is set, Port Chuck was the idea of Steve Burton, who enlisted his co-stars into the group as a way for them to pursue their mutual musical interests.

The group has since enjoyed multiple opportunities to go on tour, meet fans and enjoy the camaraderie of simply being bandmates and having fun on the stage.

“Being a part of Port Chuck has been a blast,” Reeves said in an exclusive interview with The Herald. “It’s definitely been a great way for us to have a creative outlet to enjoy apart from the show, and it’s just been so much fun. We started the band as a way to pursue our passion for music, and it’s been amazing to see how it’s taken off and blossomed way beyond what we ever imagined it would.”

Reeves describes Port Chuck as an ‘80s cover band which rocks out to familiar songs from that decade.

“We really want to just put on a good show and have fun taking the audience on a ride, singing songs they’re familiar with and can really get into,” he said. “But we will be coming out with some original songs soon — it’s something fans have been asking for.”

Songs performed by the band include Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” and Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”

Reeves himself has been active on the music scene long before Port Chuck. Along with Aaron Benward, Reeves is one-half of the Academy of Country Music Award-nominated duo “Blue County, known for hits such as “Good Little Girls” and “That’s Cool.” As a songwriter, he recently enjoyed success with country music star Toby Keith’s 2011 single “Made in America,” which he co-wrote with Nashville songwriter Bobby Pinson, organizer of the talent lineup for Quail Unlimited.

A self-described “gun guy,” Reeves is familiar with the tools of the trade required for hunting, but this weekend’s festivities with Quail Unlimited will be his first chance to put those skills to the test out in the field.

“I guess they’re gonna get us city boys out there this weekend,” he said.

Splitting his time between California and Nashville, Reeves is married to “Days of Our Lives” actress Melissa Reeves. They have two children, Emily and Larry.

Reeves said he is looking forward to the opportunity to hunt, but in case of any mishaps, don’t go looking to “Dr. Webber” for medical advice.

“Yeah, my doctor skills go about one foot past the camera,” he joked.

Reeves has had several opportunities to showcase his musical talents on GH, but he doesn’t particularly think Port Chuck has much of a chance of making an appearance on the show.

“I think the only way that’s gonna happen is if Spinelli has a dream sequence,” he said. “Our characters are so different; it would be very tricky to bring them together like that on the show.”

Burton’s, Anderson’s and Barash’s on-screen personas have ties to the mob, while Reeves’s character is a doctor. At least fans can cling to the hope that anything’s possible in the soap opera world.

Reeves was not sharing any spoiler tidbits about upcoming episodes on General Hospital.

“With the way our schedule works, you probably know about as much as I do,” Reeves said. “But, there are some revelations about certain characters that will come to the surface soon.”

For more information about the men of Port Chuck and their upcoming tour dates, or to hear samples of their songs, visit their website at www.portchuck.com.


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