Ron Paul lone tea partier in the race

The tea party was an idea born out of frustration with big government, reckless spending, influence pedaling, erosion of civil rights in the Bill of Rights and the constitution in general. Their current convictions appear to demand scrutiny, and I have become skeptically pessimistic regarding the nature of their mission.

I relate to the Tea Party and supported their drive to take back Washington last election. Since those who the Tea Party chose to support were all Republicans, apparently many have come to the conclusion that Tea Party people are Republican, and in fact it would seem that many elements within the Tea Party appear to have been co-opted by the Republican Party.

I say this because I cannot understand why there has not been an outright campaign by the Tea Party to embrace the only candidate out there who stands for the principles which the Original Tea Party Idea extolled. Ron Paul is the real deal constitutionalist, who stands for fiscal responsibility, reclaiming our national sovereignty and civil rights, and for demanding we secure America first. He understands whether we like it or not, American taxpayers are being asked to support over half the population on public support, illegal aliens on public support, and also trillions (With a T) of dollars on a military force to police the world all to support the corporate demands of the military industrial complex.

The only reason any of the other candidates have even mentioned such things as the Federal Reserve is a result of Paul's tireless efforts to regain control for the American people, the purse strings of our Tax supported budget.

I call on true Tea Party Americans to demand that those who are speaking out in their name, Those who have taken the reigns and identify themselves as tea party leaders clean house of any member who does not hold true to the ideals that made our last efforts so successful, and to embrace and support the only real Tea Party candidate out there.