Police/Fire/EMS - Jan. 12, 2012

ALBANY -- Albany police responded to at least 44 incidents Tuesday, according to available police reports. Police responded to incidents including:

-- According to police reports Michael Kielbania, 42, was stabbed in the hand with a kitchen knife while fighting with Brandy Palmer, 38, who suffered a cut to the forehead during a fight. Both were taken to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital after about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday. They were discharged from the hospital Wednesday, said a hospital spokeswoman.

-- Indecent exposure, saggy pants on the 600 block of Tulsa Street and the 300 block of East Broad Avenue;

-- Obstruction on the 1700 block of Gadsden Drive;

-- Interfering with a city officer on the 200 block of Aneita Street and 1600 Gadsden Drive;

-- Disorderly conduct, a fight on the 200 block of Arbor Court, the 500 block of Ninth Avenue, the 1600 block of Gadsden Drive, the 400 block of Wadkins Avenue, the 900 block of East Oglethorpe Boulevard and the 1700 block of Parker Avenue;

-- Theft by taking on the 1400 block of Cromartie Beach Drive;

-- Deceased person on the 400 block of Clark Avenue;

-- Recovered property, jewelry found on the 2500 block of Nottingham Way;

-- Missing person on the 500 block of Gowan Avenue;

-- Burglary on the 2300 block of Devan Street and the 300 block of Moultrie Road;

-- Dog bite on the 1000 block of Summit Drive;

-- Assault (domestic) on the 300 block of Garden Hill Drive;

-- Domestic on the 1300 block of North Slappey Boulevard;

-- Simple battery (domestic) on the 100 block of Whittlesey Court;

-- Domestic (unfounded) on the 1200 block of Firestone Drive, the 3000 block of Carriage Lane, the 3800 block of Mayfair Lane, the 3100 block of Fernridge Drive, the 1200 block of Lincoln Avenue, the 2300 block of Davis Street, the 1100 block of East Third Avenue and the 1200 block of West Highland Avenue.


The Lee County Sheriff's Office responded to at least 32 calls:

-- Vehicle crash on the 800 block of U.S. Highway 19, the 1900 block of Ledo Road and the 2800 block of Ledo Road;

-- Terroristic threats on the 900 block of Lovers Lane Road;

-- Theft on the 100 block of Cedric Street, the 200 block of Flowing Well Road and the 100 block of Somerset Drive;

-- Burglary on the 100 block of Maplewood Court;

-- Drunken driving on the 400 block of Highway 82;

-- Recovered property on the 100 block of Robertson Drive.

ALBANY FIRE DEPARTMENT: The Albany Fire Department responded to 28 incidents.

-- Street light down, four activated alarms, three cardiac arrests, broken vehicle radiator hose, heat/ air conditioner malfunction, rescue cat from tree, controlled burn, two grass fires, three electric shorts, five false alarms, two trash fires, assist EMS, fluid on road, school playground equipment burning and a structure fire ignited by unattended cooking that caused $36,000 in damage to the residence.

-- Compiled by Pete Skiba