Folks should take pride in appearance

AMERICUS - Reading the Jan. 5 letters to the editor, I found a letter I really enjoyed by Mr. Bryant. I agree with him totally. I raised nine children. Two things they never wore out of my home: blue jeans and tennis shoes. They wore hightops until age 4. You won’t find any of them bowlegged, pigeon-toed or flatfooted.

I hate jogging or tennis shoes for children, especially in school. I went to a sixth-grade class on a December date. The heat was on high and the room was full of “feet smell” that was so bad I gagged. The synthetic rubber makes feet sweat. If you don’t bathe or put clean socks on, they smell bad.

My mother in Hungary visited me in boarding school, where we had to wear black stockings. She had a fit — even with leather hightops — how bad our study room smelled. And we had to take baths and wash our body in the morning.

I see some people dressed up and going to church in jogging shoes. Some TV anchors only dress up in nice shirts and blouses; under the waist, blue jeans. When I go anyplace — party, church or even take a trip — I dress up. That is how I was raised, to be proud of my appearance.

I am glad Mr. Bryant feels the same. Very few men notice or care nowadays who wears what. I never wore blue jeans in Hungary. Only farmers did.


waltspecht 3 years, 8 months ago

Just what is wrong with being a Farmer? The way you phrase your comment they are beneath the likes of yourself. I personally don't care what anyone choses to wear, thats their decision. As long as you are pure of heart, a Patriot and a God fearing Citizen of the USA I don't think anyone should comment on your appearance. However, remember if you dress like a Gangsta, most folks are going to assume you are one.


ObjectiveEyes 3 years, 8 months ago

To each, his own, Ms. Brady, to each, his own. (Geez, you guys aren't getting any better letters than this?)


TrixibelleBento 3 years, 8 months ago

Wow, she's obsessed with foot odor!

Unfortunately, this is the way of the world now. People used to dress up to fly. Now people show up at the airport with track suits and garbage bags to hold their carry-on items. Remember when going out to dinner was a real treat and everyone got "spiffed up"? Not any more. Comfort is key. That's why I go home after work and don't leave my home. I want to wear my pajamas in peace.


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