Looking Back Jan. 15 2012

Photo by Vicki Harris

Photo by Vicki Harris

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The Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) are a set of tests designed to test student knowledge and are administered at public schools in the state of Georgia annually. Students in grades 3, 5, and 8 are required to pass the CRCT to be promoted to the next grade.

How well would you do as a fifth grade student today? Could you pass the test and move up to the sixth grade?

Here is a look back at samples of CRCT questions from study and/or retired versions of the exam on the fifth grade level. While the actual test is multiple choice, most of the choices have been omitted here to balance the playing field between adults and mostly 11-year-olds. Good luck!


  1. What is the value of 6n(n-1) + 4, when n= 3?

  2. The chef is making punch for the meeting tonight. The recipe calls for 64 cups of grape juice, and he needs to triple the recipe. How many gallons of grape juice are needed?

  3. If x has the value of 3, what is the value of y in the following equation?

y = 3x - 1

  1. If socks are “buy two, get one free”, what is the least number of pairs of socks you must purchase to get four free pairs?

  2. Margaret bowled five games. Her scores were 110, 127, 153, 206, and 174. What was her mean score?

  3. 6,792 x 341 = ?

  4. 6 (30 + 8) = ?

  5. Add 5 3/4 and 7 1/4. The answer is?

  6. What is the rule for the pattern shown here?

4, 7, 10, 13

  1. Your clock loses 2 minutes every hour. If you set it at the correct time at non, what time will it show when the real time is 8 p.m.?


  1. Why do cicadas and crickets chirp and sing?

  2. How are elements arranged on the periodic table?

  3. A different chemical substance is formed when a) a cloth is cut b) a cup breaks, c) a candle burns or d) a piece of chalk falls apart?

  4. Why does a crumpled sheet of paper fall to the ground faster than an uncrumpled sheet of paper?

  5. Which of the following combine to form a molecule a) atoms b) neutrons c) mixtures or d) protons

Social Studies/History/Economics

  1. Wars often lead to the development of new weapons and strategies. During World War II parachutes were developed and used for what purpose?

  2. World War I was known as “the war to end all wars.” Why?

  3. Which decade would have been a part of the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement and Rock and Roll?

  4. In 1928, the United States entered an economic slowdown called the Great Depression. One of the early events was the stock market crash. What was a major cause of the stock market crash?

  5. Tensions were high in Europe in 1914. Nations were ready to go to war. What was the event that started World War I?

  6. In geography, large areas of land with similar landforms, climate or soil are called what?

  7. When the Europeans first traded with Native Americans, money was not used. Goods and services were traded for other goods and services. What is this type of economic activity called?

  8. After the French and Indian War, the Parliament of Great Britain passed new laws for the colonies. A number of these laws were intended for what purpose?

  9. The President of the United States is part of which branch of the United States government?

  10. A factory makes 100 cars a day. They sell quickly, and dealers have lists of people wanting to buy a car. The factory owner decides to hire more workers and make 150 cars a day. This is an example of what?

English/Language Arts

  1. The old lady kept her pictures next to her bed.

What function does the word ‘pictures’ perform in the sentence above?

  1. Maria was shamelessly laughing in the library.

What part of speech is the word “shamelessly?”

  1. Maria has a blue toothbrush that she uses twice a day. Which word in the above sentences modifies ‘toothbrush’?

  2. What type of sentence is the one below?

Would you please show me how to make chocolate chip cookies?

  1. Joe will attend soccer practice tomorrow.

What part of speech is the word ‘practice’ in the above sentence?

  1. Either Kara or her sister ....... the missing container. Which word belongs in the blank? a) are b) has c) was or d) have

  2. The students were led to the auditorium, but they were never told why they were their.

Which word in the above sentence is misspelled?

  1. The apples were delicious the girls ate many of them.

What punctuation is needed in the above sentence?

  1. What reference book gives words, meanings, punctuation and parts of speech?

  2. What is the first thing you should do when writing a research paper?


agirl_25 3 years, 7 months ago

How well did the new superintendent do on the test.....hahahahaha..you should have made him take it...I took it and did well.....but then I also had to take the SAT when I started college and had to make the results a part of my application process when I applied. I notice the rules were bent for him...wink wink wink.......when he applied for the position of superintendent. Does someone have friends in low places? Oops is that high places? Darn it, I always get those song titles mixed up.


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