Politicians unqualified to criticize military

As I watch these politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta and all the rest condemn the Marines for urinating on dead enemy combatants, I can feel nothing but absolute anger. While you’re having your $500 dinners and drinks in the evening, these troops are fighting for their lives.

For those of you who have never seen combat, allow me to explain something about the U.S. combat soldier. When you arrive for your first combat assignment, one of two things happens to you. Within the first few days, you either crack under the pressure or you get vicious. If the first happens, you’re sent to a recovery unit somewhere out of harm’s way. If the second takes over, you begin to find yourself thankful for every day you stay alive. There is no “frontline” anymore. Where these young men an women are sent, they don’t even know who the enemy is most of the time until they are attacked. Staying alive becomes the No. 1 priority.

This may be a political issue for you fat cats in Washington. But to the troops doing the dirty work, it’s a life or death war. So I say to you politicians who are so quick to condemn, put on a uniform and go to Afghanistan. Then follow these combat troops day by day and become one of them. Until you have been there you’re not qualified to criticize anything they may do. In Vietnam, I’ve seen combat troops who knew how to do it — scalp dead Viet Cong, stretch the scalp over a board, salt it down and sundry cure it. Then when it was ready, wear it on their belt. When in combat, you intimidate, scare the hell out of and humiliate the enemy any way you can. These Taliban and al-Qaeda have captured our people and slowly cut their throats on television for the world to see. They are not interested in a Geneva agreement.

We have our young people in a country where human rights mean nothing, where the main agriculture crop is drugs and where you can’t depend on the very people you are trying to help. It matters not what this guy “President Karzai” has to say about this incident. He’s playing both sides of this war. Your political association with him doesn’t keep one of our young soldiers alive.

Finally to the politicians: If you want our young troops to fight this war, then get the hell out of the way. If you can’t do that, then pull our people out. In the meantime, shut your fat mouths about such “incidents.” You aren’t qualified to condemn anything these combat troops did.




Abytaxpayer 3 years, 10 months ago

Amen it is easy for those who have never seen combat. Those who have never had bullets fired at them or watched buddies blown to pieces, yes they can talk big. War is not a pretty sight, sorry there is no way to sugar coat it, ignore it and pretend but it is still KILL or be KILLED….


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