Weaver reappointment teaches wrong lesson

Conspicuous by its absence, information about Judge Willie Weaver's re-instatement was not mentioned in The Albany Herald, and barely mentioned on WALB News. I am disheartened, but not surprised, by the decision of the city commissioners who voted to reinstate him.

None of us is interested in anyone losing their source of income, but the message this re-instatement sends is counterintuitive to any moral and ethical lessons which might have been learned. Providing a consequence for criminal behaviors exhibited in the presence of those we hold to a higher standard is a concept that seems to have escaped the powers that be.

The moral compass seems to be cracked when this city deals with teachable moments that could produce best practice standards to which we all might aspire. I am sure there are those who believe that Judge Weaver paid for his "crime." That remains to be seen. The lessons learned here are less about Judge Weaver and more about reinforcing irrational beliefs that it is OK to hurt the ones you love, that domestic abuse issues are really just "anger management" problems, and that you can be in a position of power and get away with committing a crime.

I am hopeful that advocates will work towards dispelling the irrational and continue to strive for social changes to the benefit of all who fall victim to those who would abuse them.



EDITOR'S NOTE: Silke E. Deeley, MA, LCPC, is executive dDirector, Liberty House of Albany Inc.


FlunkyMonkey 3 years, 8 months ago

Well the school board is full of thieves, now the municipal court has a wife beater on the bench. How much further can Albany slip?


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