Exchange Club of Albany hears from Dougherty D.A.

Greg Edwards addresses the Exchange Club of Albany on Friday.

Greg Edwards addresses the Exchange Club of Albany on Friday.

ALBANY, Ga. — Speaking about the duties of his office and his goals, Dougherty Judicial Circuit District Attorney Greg Edward's received warm applause at the Exchange Club of Albany's Friday luncheon.

"The role of the district attorney's office is to seek the truth zealously and fairly," Edwards said. "I not only act as district attorney for felonies, I am the solicitor for misdemeanors, those crimes which could result in (a maximum) 12 moths in jail and a $1,000 fine."

That covers a lot of territory, Edwards added. At maximum staffing he has 16 attorneys, six investigators, two computer technicians, 22 support staff and six victim/witness assistants.

Edwards said his office handled cases in superior, state and juvenile courts in 2011. In superior court he and his team prosecuted 1,781 felonies. In state and juvenile court 3,183 misdemeanors and 1,237 juvenile violations.

"Ninety-eight percent of our jury trials returned guilty verdicts. Ours is one of the most successful in the state," Edwards said. "I credit the assistant district attorneys, the investigators and all my staff for this success."

His office is also responsible for collecting delinquent child support payments. In a 2011 one-day sweep more than $50,000 in payments were collected. For the year Edwards said more than $12 million due for child support was collected.

Edwards said he has met other goals for his office in the fight against crime with he help of police, faith-based and other community organizations. Crime is down, the number of people in jail although still high has come down, school attendance is up, and and there has been a reduction in teen pregnancies.

Offering advice for residents Edwards said that a few tips could help to reduce crime. Stay alert in your daily activities. Lock you car and house doors.

Reporting criminal activity is always helpful to authorities. Encouraging and participating in neighborhood watches is another way to help.

Edwards added, that if called don't shirk jury duty, "work zealously as a juror. If we all work on this together Dougherty County will be more safe, secure and successful."


dingleberry 3 years, 7 months ago

I guess questions about recusal never came up? A lot of cases but did he say how many jury trials were actually conducted? I got the success rate but not the number of trials to apply it to. If it were not for pleas and such the system would grind to a halt in Albany with our low crime rate-not.


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