Animal control issues bite reports

ALBANY, Ga. — Residents reported a pit bull bite, a mixed golden retriever bite and a cat bite earlier in the month, according to Albany Police Department incident reports issued Monday.

James Rudder of the 700 block of Ninth Avenue reported that a gray-white pit bull impounded Jan. 13 for attacking Rudder's 10-year-old daughter that day belonged to Alfred Paul Hunter, the report stated.

"The dog had been impounded and quarantined for rabies observation due to the dog having jumped the fence and bit a little girl in the alley," animal control supervisor Sherman Capers wrote in the report. "Mr. Hunter was very apologetic about the incident."

Capers issued citations to Hunter at 714 10th Ave. for animal at large and not having current rabies vaccinations for the dog. Hunter was instructed to appear in court to answer the charges.

In a Jan. 17 dog-bite incident, a "golden mix dog" bit Curtis Stanfield while he worked at a residence on the 2600 block of Wellington Drive, a report states.

Capers cited Bernard Byron, of 2609 Wellington Drive, for having an animal at large and not having a current rabies vaccination for his dog, which was quarantined.

A stray cat bit Elizabeth Anne Warner on the hand while she was feeding it Jan. 13, another report stated. Capers put out a trap, captured the cat and took it to the Humane Society for observation.

Capers reported, "I advised Mrs. Warner not to feed any stray cats."


BrendaGlass 3 years, 8 months ago

I do not have pit bulls but I do have 2 black labs. They are in their own fence minding their own business playing with each other. But there are young boys that love to walk down the alley and jump at them and hitting the fence and running off. I hope and pray my babies don't jump the fence after them. And I also hope and pray the young boys will stop doing that to them. Please talk to your children and let them know that one day they are going to do that to the wrong animal and it is not going to be pretty. Just sayin'...


waltspecht 3 years, 8 months ago

With Pit Bull being such a generic term, how can you say one bit someone? You know a dog of Bulldog liniage may have bit someone, but Pit Bull covers a wide spectrum of animals. There are Stafford Shire Terriers, American Pits, Fighting Pits, Catch Dogs, Bulldogs, UGA Himself, English Bulls, Bull Terriors, and the list goes on. So if there is a legal definition of a Pit Bull, I hope Mr. Coleman carefully worded the Dawson Ordanance to define the breed, or another smarter Lawyer will make that ordinance worthless I would guess.


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