Crips gang trial jury selection under way

ALBANY — Jury selection began Tuesday for the trial of three alleged Crips gang members on charges of, among others, gang participation.

Arrested as part of the August crackdown on the Crips gang, Dante Oliver, Jaquinte Stills and Morian Anderson are being tried together with separate co-operating defense attorneys.

"They are being tried together because they are members of the same gang, the Crips," Chief Assistant Dougherty District Attorney Matt Breedon said. "They acted under the organization of the gang to do criminal acts."

The prosecution and defense attorneys spent the day questioning panels of potential jurors 12 at a time. According to Superior Court Judge Willie Lockette, the trial could start today.

The three defendants petitioned for a trial, District Attorney Edwards said. Another two pleaded out, and one had his case dismissed. Other cases are pending.

Edwards added that Marquis Handcock and Unterrin Leverette pleaded guilty to gang participation and lesser charges. James Strum's case was dismissed.

Information on sentences was not immediately available.


VSU 3 years, 10 months ago

Well these gang members are 1 week away from being sent back out on the streets.


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