Food stamp recipients have wrong priorities

In the recent article on food stamps, “Walk in our shoes” (Jan. 20, page 7B, by The Associated Press), did anyone pick up the fact that Victoria Busby has had two children in two years without a husband? Where is/are the father(s) that should be supporting their children? Why is the public having to carry the burden — again? Ms. Busby claims she wants to be a nurse. Maybe she can learn what causes children.

The second person mentioned in the article, Sophia Clark, is single and trying to become an actress. She has no money left from her part-time job after she pays her rent and cell phone bill. She apparantly was offended when she was “entertaining” a guest at dinner when the guest said his tax dollars should not feed people who prefer welfare over work. My question is simply who has a need for a cell plan when they cannot feed themselves and who paid for the dinner where she entertained her guest?