Behavior takes paroled man back to jail

ALBANY -- Because he failed to follow parole instructions, 34-year-old Michael Najjar's parole officer visited him at his Forest Glenn Drive residence Monday, Caryl Deems, the southwest regional director of parole, said. The visit aroused the parole officer's instincts.

According to Deems, Najjar was asked to report to the Evelyn Avenue parole office Tuesday. When he did, parole officers and Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit agents searched his residence. They found packaged illegal drugs methamphetamine, Xanax and Ecstasy. Also seized were a Samurai-style sword and a gun.

Najjar, who was released on parole from a sentence for dealing drugs, was charged again with dealing and possession of a gun by a felon, Deems said. If convicted, Najjar could face life as a third-strike offender.