Georgia's gun laws already too loose

Georgia state legislators must not pass any additional pro-gun laws, such as allowing people to carry concealed weapons to churches, college dormitories and classrooms, and non-secured areas at Hartfield International Airport in Atlanta.

Mentally ill individuals with concealed handguns will attend churches as visitors, and they would pull their handguns and kill people, just like the insane gunmen in Arizona and Virginia Tech. Moreover, a mentally ill college student must not be allowed to carry concealed weapons to classrooms and dormitories.

Please send emails to local state legislators.




waltspecht 3 years, 10 months ago

If they are ajudicated mentally ill, they can nott even posess a firearm legally. Do you actually believe a mentally ill person will obey any law if the voices are telling them not to? How about you get real, you are never going to get Criminals and the Criminally insane to follow laws. They go their own way on such things. Look at the number of Felons that are apprehended in possession of a firearm. Do you know that is a Federal Offense punishable by five years mandatory in a Federal Prison. Same for posession during the commision of a drug crime. Yet when is the last time you heard of one around here being prosecuted and sentenanced for it? Don't fear the armed honest citizen, for they present no danger to you, if you in turn are honest and do not wish to do them injury.


Susan123 3 years, 10 months ago

Those who are going to use guns to cause harm to another person, are not going to obey any laws. It's not like they are going to say "oh no, my victim is in church right now, and unfortunately it is against the law for me to carry my gun in there, so I guess I will just sit here and wait for them to come out." GET REAL!! But there shouldn't be any reason why an honest law-abiding citizen cannot carry their gun with them wherever they want to. Because honest law-abiding citizens, like myself, are carrying the guns to protect ourselves from the others that couldn't care less about the laws or morals!


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