Hospital medical staff often unsung heroes

I recently spent some time in a local hospital as a patient. During my stay, I came to respect and admire the dedication and patience of the nursing staff.

A patient in the room across the hall from mine spent the entire three days I was there insisting on near-constant attention. No sooner would the nurse leave than he would begin hollering for some attention or other. Now, I have no doubt that this gentleman was in discomfort and needed medical attention, but his behavior was very trying for the rest of us.

No matter how difficult, uncooperative or belligerent the man became, the staff acted with professional courtesy and compassion. They patiently listened to his complaints and did their best to make him comfortable. I was dumb-struck by the caliber of people serving in the nursing profession.

To everyone who serves in the health care industry, especially those who have to deal with difficult patients, I say, "Thank you!" Keep up the good work, and know that at least one person out there appreciates all you go through in doing a difficult and sometimes thankless job.