Life saved leaves a long legacy

The Sunday school lessons last Sunday in Southern Baptist churches were designed to bring attention to all of us the sanctity that God places on human life. There are some very powerful forces in our society today that aggressively defend the right of women to choose to have an abortion, and some of those very people take a strong stand against anyone who voices pro-life for the unborn child. This letter is about a lady who, a long time ago, did not have an abortion.

Before my grandfather and grandmother were married, my grandmother became pregnant by someone other than the man who was to become my grandfather. This was in the early 1900s, and abortion was available only to a very few people then. My grandmother elected to have this child, and afterwards, she and my grandfather were married. They had a happy life together. I did not learn all this until later in life because that was just “something that children did not need to know.” I remember my grandfather loving all his grandchildren. Grandmother had been deceased by the time we were born.

My Aunt Bertie had four children. Three of them became teachers, now educators, and they touched thousands of lives over their careers. Two of her grandchildren are physicians and one is a university professor. Each of Aunt Bertie’s children became responsible citizens, and her grandchildren and great grandchildren are continuing the legacy that she left to them. The legacy includes a strong work ethic, placing God first in life, tithing and being a good neighbor. I never heard anything that remotely resembled gossip come from her lips. She truly was a remarkable person, and I loved her tremendously as did all her nieces and nephews.

I wonder how many of the 50 million aborted babies since 1973 could have had as much influence on the lives of so many people as my Aunt Bertie’s children and grandchildren have had? I pray several time daily that some girl somewhere would be strong enough to say yes to Jesus and no to abortion. America needs to pray, too! For forgiveness.